Today, the world's forest can be broadly categorized into 4 different "forest zones" - coniferous forest, temperate broadleaf forest, tropical broadleaf forest and tropical rainforest. They are all spread across America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

From these various zones, different species of hardwoods and softwoods are found and a large quantity is commercially processed into logs, lumber & veneers.

Mankind has learned of the beauty of wood from this forest since more than 2000 years ago and over the years with the development of modern techniques and machineries, we have able to enhance the beauty of wood many times over.

We could see them in our homes, offices, automobiles, luxury ships/yachts, airplanes and many more other areas how the beauty of wood enhance the ambience besides adding value to it.


Each wood has its own distinctive characteristics and many share similar colors, grain patterns or textures. Hardwoods are favored for their strength, decorative effects, wide range of colors and durability. Softwoods tend to be cheaper, and are often seen as functional materials for building and construction.

To understand it lumber or veneers in a deeper meaning, one needs to understand its beauty and beauty is in the eyes of every beholder.

ST Wood and Veneers has positioned itself into promoting / supplying VENEERS from all available species (sourced all over the world) that could be processed commercially and use in the production of furniture, panels, doors, cabinets and etc. In order to be able to supply more efficiently to our customers, we also have set up a Warehouse in Muar, Johor, Malaysia, with various commonly used veneers.

Hence, our Veneer Display Center was set up to enable all our valued customers and to those who wish to know more about veneers, to visit us at any time and learn how these veneers are used in the production of furniture’s and panels and also we will be displaying new species that could be used to replaced others.


ST Wood and Veneers Sdn. Bhd. ( our HEAD-OFFICE ) having being located in Malaysia has proved to be a very strategic location for us between the East and the West. We have been able to build a good supply network between China and USA and Europe and the Middle East countries and also countries within SE Asia. 

We are currently supplying veneers – ROTARY and SLICED, plywood, lumber and other related products to countries such as USA, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Iran, Yemen, Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines., and we hope to be able to do more with other countries all over the world.

With our main production in oversea (SENLIN WOOD INDUSTRY CO. LTD.), we are also supplying a lot to the domestic market and we hope this would be a continuous trend in the future.

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